Claus Gamborg Guitar and Music.

CG Musik in general is a music company and label.

Claus Gamborg

The Guitar is my main tool without any question. I play all the guitars on the tracks but also Drums, Bass and Keyboard - Synthesizer when needed. Song but not chorus. Otherwise it's recordings together with studio musicians, Cubase, Groove Agent and a lot more put together to one song.

Men lie, women lie but feelings & music never lie.

All kinds of music but mostly blues and rock. I work with my guitar and music as creative people do .. when the spirit is over me. However I practice on my Guitars everyday 1 - 2 hours to improve. We all have to dream and work for our dreams otherwise they'll never come through.

I make the kind of music I think sounds good in my ears and in my style. If you hear a Song more than one time, it's good.

Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, Santana and Led Zeppelin are some of the favorites due to exceptional guitar play and music.